The Religion Of Sufi Courtyards (Khangaah)

Why Is It That Today Every Person Has Developed This Courage To Insult The Sanctities Of Religion? It Is Not That The Insult Of Religion Starts From Denmark And Ends In Samarra; In Fact The Sanctity Of Religion Is Trampled Everyday In Our Country As Well. They Send Saluta- Tions To The Holy Prophet (s) And Then Defame The Constitution Of The Prophet (s). It Is The Same As Blowing Off The Dome Of The Grandson Of The Prophet (s) Or Bomb Blasting A Sect Of The Followers Of The Prophets (s). When The Constitution Of Islam Is Defamed Inside The Country And There Is No Reaction, It Is The Same As The Battle Of Ahzab. It Is This Situation Of The Battle Of Ahzab, Which Recognizes As To Who Sits With His Head Down And Who Stands With His Head Up, Even If He Is Only One Who Stands Up From The Entire Army. When The Messenger (s) Bid Farewell To This One Person, He Did With Such Grandeur That It Created Doubts In The Heart Of Those Who Were Sitting With Their Heads Down. They Did Not Like The Slogan Of The Prophet (s) For Ali (a.s) That, “Today The Entire Faith Is Going Against Infidel- Ity”. They Said It Was An Arrogant Statement But The Prophet (s) Said, This Is Not Arrogance But The Truth And This Is The Entire Faith.

The Entire Faith Gets Manifested Here. Faith Is Not Manifested By Moving Around “Tas- Beeh” Beads Even For Twenty Four Hours; The Faith Gets Tested And Demonstrated Under The Shadow Of Swords, It Gets Proven By Cutting Off The Tongues Of Defamers. Total Faith Gets Demonstrated Only When A True Deserving Reply Is Given To Those Who Insult Religion And Its Sanctity. But When Religion Turns Into A Sufi Courtyard (Khangaah), These Courtyards Are Places Where People Just Sit And Do Oral Recitations. Sufi Courtyards Are Made Away From People’s Settlements In Forests Or Isolated Places For Worshipping Of Allah. These Centres Of Worships Are Cut Off From Society And Are Not Concerned About What Is Being Defamed And Who Is Being Defamed Since They Have Locked Themselves In An Isolated Courtyard And Are Busy With Their Hymns.

This Is The Best Way Of Making The Muslim Nation Bow Down Their Heads Because If They Are Explicitly Asked To Leave Their Religion, They Will Not Leave, If They Are Asked To Leave The Quran, They Will Not Leave, The More They Are Asked To Leave Religion, The Closer They Will Get To It. So What Should Be Done? Let The Quran Be With Them But Make It The Quran Of Sufi Courtyards, Turn It Into Hymns (Wird) And Let It Not Become A Manifesto Of Actions.

Summarizing This Poem; Satan Invited His Representatives From Across The World For A Con- Ference And Asked Them About The State Of The World In Different Places. He Questioned Everyone That He Had Deputed, To Corrupt And Misguide The Entire World, To Report Back On What They Had Done? Some Gave Good Reports, Which Pleased Satan But Some Gave Un- Desirable Reports. These Undesirable Reports Were That In Some Regions Democracy And Freedom Were Picking Up Speed And This Was Dangerous For Satanic Plans. They Said De- Mocracy Is Dangerous Because When Democracy Comes, Man Will Get The Rights To Rule And He Will Get Freedom; Hence He Will Be Out Of The Clutches And Control Of Satan. Satan Said I Thought My Representatives Were Very Clever But I See That Your Visions Are Only Limited To The Outward Aspects Of Things. You Are Afraid, Thinking That Democracy Is Against Satanic Conspiracies And Plans. You Don’t Realize That Democracy In Reality Is An Attire Which I Have Myself Put Over Dictatorship. You Should Not Be Worried Because It Is The Same Dictator- Ship Which Has Come In The New Attire Of Democracy. Some Said That In Their Regions, There Was A Lot Of Noise On Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Human Rights And Justice And These Were Threats To The Satanic Mission. Satan Said That Again They Were Mistaken Because These Things Were Not A Threat, The Real Threat Came From Something Else As Quoted In The Verse Of This Poem Below Where Satan Tells His Disciples

“Jaanta Hai! Jisse Roshan Baatine Ayaam

 Muzdaqiyat Farda Nahi, Islam Hai!”

Do You All Know Who Has Brightened The Inner Side

Muzdaq Is Not A Threat For Tomorrow, But It Is Islam

This Means Every Person Who Understands The Reality From Inside, It Is Clear To Him That The Ideology Of Muzdaq Is Not A Threat. Muzdaq Was A Person Who Presented The Socialist Vision Three Thousand Years Before It Was Adopted By Marx And Presented In A New Form As Marxism. In Iqbal’s Terminology Muzdaq Implies Socialism.

Satan Is Telling His Disciples That Socialism Is Not A Dissension. Socialism And Democracy Are No Threats At All To Satan, If There Is A Threat, It Is From Islam. But His Disciples Replied That, You (Satan) Too Do Not Have The Right Vision Because The Danger Of Islam Which You Are Talking About Is Also Not A Big Danger. Why? This Is Because The Nation Is Muslim Only For Namesake. Why Are You Afraid Of This Muslim Ummah? They Do Not Recite The Quran, They Do Not Follow The Teachings Of The Prophet (s), They Do Not Act On The Preaching Of Infallibles (a.s) And They Do Not Fulfill Any Religious Obligations. Satan Said I Know That This Nation Is Not Obedient To The Quran And Prophetic (s) Teachings, But Still Listen

“Al Hazar! Aaine Paigambari Se Sau Baar Al Hazar Hafize Namoose Zan, Mard Aazma, Mard Aafreen”

Beware! Hundred Times From The (religious) Constitution Of Prophet That Which Protects The Women, Makes Man Determined And Perfect

I Am Warning You Again To Be Alert Because If There Exists Any Threat, It Is Only From The Constitution Of Islam, The Religion Of The Prophet (s). Do Not Allow This Ummah (nation) To Rise Nor Allow Them To Be Awakened. Why Should This Ummah Not Be Awakened? Satan Issued This Manifesto And Gave This Formula In The Parliament Of His Representatives. Today If You Want To See The Representative Of Satan Then See Who Is Acting On This Instruction Of Satan. What Were These Instructions Of Satan? Satan Told His Representatives Not To Ask The Ummah To Leave The Quran, As They Will Not Do It, But Instead Change The Face Of The Quran. Do Not Tell Them To Leave Salaat, Let The Salaat Be With Them But Change The Face Of Salaat. Do Not Tell Them To Leave Mosques, Let Them Sit Inside Mosques But Change The Face Of The Mosque. Do Not Prevent Them From Coming To Hussainiah And Azadari; Let Them Come But Change The Face Of Hussainiah And Azadari. How Can The Face Of These Things Be Changed?

“Mast Rakho Zikre Fikre Sob Gaahi Me Ise

Pukhtatar Kardo Mizaaje Khankaahi Me Ise”

Let Him Enjoy The Religion Of Oral Recitations

Strengthen His Temperament Of Sufi Courtyards Religion

The Instruction Of Satan To His Disciples Is To Turn All The Religious Centers Into Sufi Court- Yards (Khangaah), Turn Their Mosques And Hussainiah Into Sufi Courtyards; And Even Turn Their Kaaba And Hajj Into Sufi Courtyards. What Happens In These Courtyards (Khangaah)? It Is Only The Oral Recitations Of Religious Scriptures. There Are No Feelings, No Concerned- Ness, No Awakening, No Movement, No Uprising But They Just Sit And Keep On Murmuring Oral Hymns.

The Mosques In Which Only Oral Recitation, Acts Of Worships Are Done And There Is No Up- Rising, Such Mosques Are Nothing But Sufi Courtyards. The Mehrabs (place Of Leader Of Prayer) That Do Not Have Any Harb (creating Terror In The Heart Of Enemies) Are Not Meh- Rab’s But Sufi Courtyards. Hence Satan Gave Instructions To Turn The Mosques And Islamic Schools Into Sufi Courtyards. When Religion Turns In To Hymns, There Is No One To Start An Uprising. They Sit In The Mosques From Dawn To Night With A Sacred Supplication Book In Their Hand And Keep On Reciting It. You Would Have Seen Such People Sitting With Mafati- Hul Jinan And Even The Quran, As They Are Reciting Their Body Is Swirling Left, Right, Forward And Backward. This Is Exactly What You See In The Places Of Worships Of Other Religion Too, Where They Are Only Concerned With Oral Murmuring Of Religious Scriptures. When Azadari Of A Community Turns Into A Sufi Courtyard, Their Azadari Is Insulted, Bombs Are Blasted In Their Azadari Processions And People Get Killed In Front Of The Shrine Of Imam Hussain (a.s) And The Dome Of Their Imam (a.s) Gets Blown Off In Samarra, Yet They Remain Unconcerned And It Makes No Difference To Them. They Are Only Concerned About Visits To The Mosque Or Hussainiah To Perform Their Routine Oral Recitations And Then Turn Back Home. There Is No One To Shut The Mouth Of The Barking Dogs. This Is The Religion Of Sufis In Which Everything Turns Into Oral Recitations And Hymns (Wird).

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