Pilgrimage Testimonials - Code Of Secrets

Ziarat-e-Jaame (Kabeer) Was Narrated By Imam Haadi (a.s). Imam (a.s) Delivered This Se- Cret To A Person And Asked Him To Go And Tell This To The Others. But This Secret Was Com- Piled In Such A Manner That Only Those Who Had The Deciphering Code Could Understand The Secret Message Inside It. It Is Present With Everyone And Inside Everyone’s Home And They Are Asked To Recite It As Well, But Although These Can Be Read By Everyone, They Cannot Be Understood By All.. When A Doctor Prescribes Medicines, The Patient Cannot Read The Prescription. It Can Only Be Read By The Pharmacist.. Even If The Patient Is Well Educated He Is Not Able To Understand What The Prescription Means. So When Something In Its Roots Itself, Is Compiled In A Coded Language, Until And Unless Man Gets That Code, This Secret Will Not Unveil Even If He Keeps It With Him For Thousands Of Years. Ziarat-e-Jame Has The Secret Of The System Of Imamat And Ummah (Leader And Nation). We Have Been Reciting This Ziarat (testimonial) Throughout Our Life But We Could Not Understand The Secret Of Imamat (Leadership).

Ziarat-e-Ashura Is Also A Secret Of Ahlulbayt (a.s). It Was Given To Us To Recite But Those Who Do Not Have The Code Are Reciting It Daily, But Are Not Getting Acquainted With The Secret Present In It. It Has Been Narrated From Imam Sajjad (a.s) That The Reason Allah (s) Has Revealed The Verses Of Surah Hadid And Surah Tauheed In The Quran Is Because In The Last Era A Community Will Come And Understand The Secrets Of These Verses.

The Fourth Imam (a.s) Is Saying That These Are Those Secrets Of Monotheism Which Have Been Written But Will Be Only Understood By A Community That Will Come In The Last Era Of The World. As I Said Before, Mulla Sadra Is A Big Divine Bounty To Us. This Eminent Wise Man Had Done The Exegesis Of Surah Hadid And Had Said That After He Had Done So, He Came Across The Tradition Of The Fourth Imam. I Immediately Bowed Down In Prostration To Show Gratification That Allah Had Kept This Secret Concealed Till The Time Mulla Sadra Was Born. It Was Then That The Secret Of This Verse Was Unveiled. In The Same Way Allah (s) Instructed The Infallibles To Compile A Secret In The Form Of Ziarat-e-Ashura. The Secret Of Karbala, Ashura, Martyrdom, Religion, Islam, Leadership And Monotheism Has Been Packed In The Form Of This Testimonial And Handed Over To Everyone To Recite Morning And Evening. Ev- Eryone Kept On Reciting But Who Finally Unveiled It? In The Last Era That Person Came And Rose From The Land Of Qom And Is Known As Khomeini. He Opened The Secret Of Ziarat-e- Ashura And Read The Code.

In These Technological Days, Certain Things Have Become Easy For Us To Understand. In Computing Technology We Say That Certain Thing Like Software Is Locked And Cannot Be Opened. The Computer Does Not Lock Itself It Has To Be Locked By Someone With A Pass- Word Or Locking Code. This Code Is Only Known To You And Not To Everyone Else, But There Are Some Who Are Known As Hackers And Their Interest Lies Only In Unlocking Things. They Spend Day And Night Unlocking Things. When They Are Sitting On The Computer They Are Not Interested In Looking At Those Files Which Are Unlocked. Their Interest Lies In Things Which Are Locked And They Glue Themselves To The System Till The Time They Are Successful In Unlocking Them. They At Times Spend Months, Weeks, Days And Night To Finally Succeed In Unlocking The Secret Code. Similarly Allah (s) Said That We Have Also Made Some Files On Ziarat-e-Ashura And The Infallibles Have Given A Code Lock For This. In Order To Open This Lock We Have Been Asked To Recite Day And Night. You Should Keep On Reciting So That May Be Someone Amongst You Comes Out That Can Unlock This. But You Should Remember That The Day This Code Gets Unlocked The Hacker Will Be Gone. Once The Code Of Ziarat-e-Ashura Gets Unlocked For Someone He Cannot Then Live For Long. There Are Certain Things For Which It Is Better That Their Secret Does Not Gets Disclosed, But The Day It Gets Disclosed To Someone, That Person Is Gone; It Is Not That He Will Not Live By Himself, In Fact He Will Not Be Allowed To Live.

According To A Literature Expert He Says I Don’t Know What Kind Of Interpretations People Do After Listening To Certain Things.

“In What Colours Do The Lustful Beings Do The Commentary,

Should I Praise The Hairs, Lips, Cheeks Or Not, The Style Of Era Has Changed,

I Don’t Know What The Demands Of The New Era Are, Should I Emphasize On The Realistic Meanings Or Not.”

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