Who Unlocks This Code?

These Secrets Should Get Exposed And Disclosed Because They Are Kept For Believers. These Secrets Were Disclosed On The Martyrs Of Karbala. These Seventy Two Persons Were Suc- Cessful In Opening This Secret. The Ones On Whom These Secrets Are Disclosed, Even When The Lamp Is Turned Off On The Night Of Ashoora And The Guarantee For Entering Paradise Is Given In Writing To Them, They Do Not Care For It. Those Who Are Always Concerned About Paradise For Themselves, These Secrets Will Never Get Disclosed. Those Whose Foreheads Are In Prostration But Have Houries In Their Heart, These Secrets Are Not Disclosed. Allama Iqbal Says:

“O Sheikh! By Abstinence You Get A Lofty Position

If You Have Left The Worldly Desires, Then Leave The Same Desires For Hereafter As Well”

Abstinence Means Leaving Worldly Desires. By Leaving The Worldly Desires You Achieved A Respected Position In This World. So Why Don’t You Leave The Desires For The Same Worldly Things In Hereafter As Well And See What All You Will Get. It Is Not That We Just Have To Leave The Desires In This World. You Want To Leave Women, But Are Concerned About Houries In The Hereafter. This Is Not Abstinence. Abstinence Means To Come Out Of All These Concerns. What Did Ameerul Momineen (a.s) Say? O Allah Even If You Would Have Not Made Paradise And Hell Then Also Ali Would Have Worshiped You The Same Way.

Imam Hussain (a.s) Turned Off The Light And Said That Those Who Want To Leave Can Leave; I Am Pleased With Him And My Lord Too. This Was A Sort Of Written Attestation Given By Him. It Was Not A Verdict Given By A Jurist, Scholar Or Some Other Leader. A Verdict Can Go Wrong, But The Assurance Guarantee Given By The Doyen Of Martyrs Cannot Go Wrong. It Was A Commitment From The Host And Inheritor Of Religion. You Should Be Ascertained That One With Whom Hussain Is Pleased The Lord Of Hussain Is Pleased Too. But These Seventy Two Had Not Come To Karbala To Go To Paradise Because When The Lamp Was Turned On They Were All Sitting. They Were Asked The Reason For Not Leaving Please Leave And You Can Go Directly To Paradise But Still They Did Not Get Up. Why? This Is Because They Had Acquired The Secret, They Had Unlocked The Code And One For Whom This Lock Gets Unlocked Even If He Is Pushed Out Of Karbala He Would Not Leave. The One Who Can Unlock This Code On The Night Of Ashura. The Nights Have High Virtues.

You Should Avail The Free Time In These Nights. What Should You Be Doing In These Nights? Try To Open The Codes, Unlock The Codes In Midnight Prayers (Tahajjud), The Midnight Recitation Of The Quran By Staying Awake At Nights Try To Unveil These Secrets. When The Se- Crets Of Religion Are Opened At Night, The Moment It Is Morning You Are Ready And Prepared For Ashura. The Night Of Ashura Is The Night Of Secrets. It Is My Desire To Get An Opportu- Nity From Allah (s) To Express The Secrets Of This Night. It Is The Night Having Big Secrets In It And So Those Who Were Successful In Unlocking These Secrets When They Were Asked To Leave, Did Not Leave But Instead Replied, That This Is Just One Life, If We Are Cut To Thousand Pieces And Brought Back To Life Again And This Is Repeated For Thousand Times, Then Also We Will Not Leave Without Sacrificing Our Lives At Your Footsteps. These Secrets Are Big Things And One On Whom It Gets Disclosed Reaches Where He Has To Reach. Allah Is The Witness Of These Great Secrets That Once Revealed On Someone Than He Can’t Just Live In Peace.

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