HEART - The Receptor Of Secrets

Thus These Testimonials Have Been Delivered By The Infallibles In Coded Form With The Ex- Pectation That In The Forthcoming Eras Some Decoders Would Come With Divine Opportuni- Ties To Unlock The Code And Discover The Secrets Of Our Imams. And They After Discovering The Secrets And Facts Present In These Testimonials, Will Bring Them Back Into Practice. But These Secrets Are Not Opened On Every Mind Because These Secrets Are Related To The Heart And Unless The Heart Is Prepared To Receive These Secrets They Will Not Get Disclosed. If There Is Something Which Is Coded And Once It Gets Unlocked On The Heart Than These Secrets Have An Effect On The Heart Of Man. And Anything That Gets Inside The Heart Is Not Preserved By The Heart, It Transfers It To The Limbs Of The Body. These Secrets Of The Heart Get Manifested As Actions And Drips Out Of Every Limb And Organ Of Man’s Body. There Is One Heart Which Is The Organ Inside The Body Protected Behind The Ribs. This Heart Also Has Similar Functions; It Does Not Hold The Blood Inside Itself Instead It Circulates It To All Organs And Limbs Of The Body. We Take Utmost Care About This Heart And Do Everything Possible To Keep It Intact But We Should Also Take Care Of The Real Heart Of The Soul Which Is Also Under Constant Attack. If The Veins And Arteries Of The Body Get Choked, What Happens Is That Man Dies But This Death Is Just The Death Of The Body And Not A Complete Annihilation Of His Existence. But If The Arteries Of The Heart Of The Soul Get Choked, Man Gets Completely Annihilated From His Existence. This Is The Heart Of The Soul, Self And Heart Of Man; We Should Pay Attention Towards This Heart. The Heart Of The Soul Also Experiences Heart At- Tacks Which Occur Due To Love Of The World, By Satan, By Self Love And By Self Interests. For This The Infallibles Have Said That This Is The Throne Of Allah.

The Heart Of The Believer Is The Throne Of The Merciful Lord. This Is The Sanctity Of Allah And No One Else Other Than Allah Should Be Present Inside It. If Anyone Other Than Allah Enters In It Than Divine Secrets Will Not Open On It. Hence It Is Necessary To Prepare This Heart And Its Preparation Is To Prohibit Anything Other Than Allah From Stepping Into It. A Heart Which Is Full Of Everything Other Than Allah The Divine, Codes Do Not Unlock On Such Hearts. A Person Has To Come With A Prepared Heart To Unveil Divine Secrets. The Reigns Of Man Is In The Hands Of The Heart; Wherever The Heart Wants It Man Will Turn In That Direction. Allama Iqbal In One Of His Poetic Works Talks About A Battle Between Mind And Heart. At Times A Person Thinks Something And Does Something Else; These Are Not Incidental Phe- Nomenon, In Fact These Things Happen Regularly With Everyone. This Is Because Thinking Is A Mind’s Job But Acting Upon It Is Decided By The Heart. Our Limbs Are Not Under The Control Of Our Mind They Are Under The Control Of Our Heart. Thus, When Secrets Are Revealed On The Heart, Even If Mind And Intellect Try To Stop Man, It Won’t Be Successful. On The Other Hand If Someone Thinks About Doing Something But The Heart Is Not Prepared Than Even If You Push Him He Won’t Move Ahead. We Always Try Our Best To Convince The Mind And The Mind Gets Convinced. The Method Which We Have Learnt Is Merely To Speak And Let Others Listen Or Let It Pass Through Their Ears. For Us Understanding Religion And Preaching Reli- Gion Is The Same Act Of Speaking And Listening, Which Means Just Making The Message Pass Through The Ears. This Does Not Help Because Words Just Passing Through The Ears Are Not Effective On Us. Why? It Is Because The Location For Which These Words Were Meant, Did Not Reach There, Instead It Reached Some Other Location. It Is Like A Person Having Eye Pain And The Doctor Gives Him Eye Drops. The Patient Instead Of Putting The Eye Drops In The Eyes Puts It In The Ear. With This Mistake The Eye Sight Will Not Improve. Even If These Drops Are Put A Thousand Times In The Ears It Will Not Affect The Eyesight. We Have Been Talking About Many Things Which Have Reached The Ears, Some Have Reached Our Minds Also But Still It Has Left No Effect On Us. Why? This Is Because These Are Not Picked Up By The Heart. The Mes- Sages Should Make An Impression On The Heart And Not The Mind. There Are Many Scholars Who Do Not Practise Religion Appropriately. This Is Because The Knowledge Which They Have Acquired Has Only Impacted Their Minds And Has Left No Effect On Their Heart Whereas Actions Are An Outcome Of The Heart. What Kinds Of Talks Are Impressive On The Heart? The Ones Which Are Liked By The Heart, One Which Touches And Appeals To The Heart Are The Im- Pressive Kinds. The Words Spoken From The Mouth Only Reach The Ears; They Do Not Reach The Heart. So What Kind Of Talks Reaches The Heart?

The Words That Come Out Of The Heart Are Effective

There Are No Wings In Them But Has The Strength To Fly

What Are Those Words And Statements That Leave An Impact On The Heart And Are Accepted By The Heart? These Are Words Of Allah And There Is Need To Present These Words To Our Heart To See The Outcome. The Infallibles (a.s) Also Say That There Is No Need To Add Spices To Our Talks. You Should Just Present It As Is To The People. This Is Because These Words Of Ours Are Not Delivered By Our Mouth They Come From Our Heart. The Words That Flow From The Heart Of The Infallible Enter The Heart Of The Believer. And Whatever Enters The Heart Has Its Effect. There Are Some Who Take Years And Years To Accept Something By The Heart Because They Are Always Confused And Perplexed In Their Minds. But There Are Some Who In One Night Accept The Same Thing In Their Hearts. There Is A Need To Keep The Heart Prepared And Ready.

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