Philosophy Of Religion


Religion which is a necessity for human beings survival has been a victim of many calamities the result of which is evident today whereby several man made and distorted divine religions exists amongst us. The reason behind all this is an incorrect or incomplete understanding of the purpose of religion. Man has adapted religion to meet several objectives but most of them are not even near to the purpose for which religion was sent for mankind.

Man has to take over this struggle to find the correct religion which can accomplish the purpose of life giving him salvation in hereafter and a privileged life in both worlds. But in order to do so he has to the first step of understand the philosophy of Religion. What is Religion meant for? For whom is Religion for? What role religion plays in life of human being and what are those goals which religion wants man to achieve? These are some of the questions which is aimed to be addressed in this book by the title “Philosophy of Religion”. The author Syed Jawad Naqvi’s exemplary knowledge in the field of philosophy of Islamic recognition glued with his elegant and simplistic style of presenting complicated facts in a lucid manner makes him the best in the subcontinent. We have done the translation of this topic in English for the English reading mass to also gain from the knowledge and deep conceptual information possessed by the author.

This book is just aimed to broaden the vision of man and specifically those who respect religion and try to be religious but are not acquainted or unaware of the true religion because they have not yet approached religion from the philosophical dimension. This book God willing will assist the readers to start the journey of recognition of religion.

Syed A .V Rizvi


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