An Exposition of Ziarat-e-Ashura


In the name of Allah s.w.t

Religion has come for the guidance of mankind by virtue of which man achieves his pur- pose of creation. Allah (s) provided divine guides for man to understand and practice reli- gion; and along with them also provided heavenly books. These guides for the purpose of human guidance who are the Prophets and Infallible Imam’s narrated various traditions, supplications and provided another special form of manuscript as Ziarat testimonials. These testimonials had special instructions attached for reciting them when visiting the grave of any Infallible and also issued recommendations for reciting these remotely as well on specific occasions, days and some of these testimonials to be recited almost daily.

Similar to other divine commands these testimonials also carried with them high level of rewards which was to get the attention and attraction of people towards these testimo- nials. These extensive rewards and benefits associated with these testimonials itself is a proof that these carry some important messages which the Holy Infallibles (a.s) wanted us to derive from them.

A tragedy done with these and specifically with Ziarat-e-Ashura was that it lost its true purpose amongst us and just transformed into oral recitiations for acquiring worldly ben- efits. Ziarat-e-Ashura programs are organized today for the sake of solving worldly prob- lems, job issues, personal difficulties, sickness and other materialistics difficulties.

The methodology used in compiling this testimonial by the Infallible depicts that there exists some secret coded messages inside this testimonial.

In this book the respected author Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi does an exposition of few cou- plets of this sacred testimonial. The book starts with the very basic building blocks to prepare the minds for unlocking the secrets of this testimonial. The book is not just a simple commentary on the verses of the testimonial instead it analyzes the effects of mis- understanding and misutilization of this great testimonial.

A sincere reader towards the end would definitely realize that if the followers of Abu Ab- dillah (a.s) and the mourners of Ashura would have made the necessary arrangements to unlock the secret codes of this Ziarat today if not the Muslims but at least the Shia’s won’t be suffering such atrocities in certain parts of the globe.

We pray to Allah to grant us the divine opportunity to understand this testimonial in its right spirit and then practically apply it in our lives.

-Syed A V Rizvi

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