Responsibilities of Religious Scholars


This booklet is translation of a lecture by Hujjatul Islam Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (h.a) delivered to a group up scholars at the annual Imam-e-Jumah conference held at Orwatul Wuthqa Seminary, Lahore. This book is a comprehensive guidelines for Scholars and an abridged manifesto for the Islamic scholars to make them realize the responsibilities, duties and to come out from the inferiority complex which has haunted most of our scholars. The respected scholar in a brief discourse has presented a masterpiece which if pondered with a sincere heart can revolutionize a scholar. This booklet is a must to be read and pondered multiple times by the scholar and all those who have taken the divine responsibility of preaching Islam in society. Apart from making the scholars recognize their duties and responsibilities, there is a lot of emphasis on identify the true dignified stature which scholars possess in a Muslim society which equates them to become inheritors of Prophets. This book also presents the methodology and brief highlights about the skill and talents required to achieve the Prophetic mission. The perception which this book is presenting about the scholars has a paradigm shift from the conventional outlook we have about scholars present in our mosques and on pulpits. At the end the book presents the course and direction in which the scholars should steer the community and specifically the youths. We emphasize that this small booklet should be printed, spread out and handed over to all Scholars, preachers and intellectuals who have an Islamic orientation or carry the pain for this divine religion.

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