Reappearance of the Ottoman Empire under the

Amongst the current affairs there are many ongoing topics. We need a separa

The Tragedy of Qods

The book in your hand is the third publication of its kind in English, whic

Zakat ul Fitrah and Abandonment of Zakat by S

The second issue that is also important after the crescent sighting is also

Recognition of Pure Religion

Religion is present in the life of all believers, but how much difference t


“Fitrat” is the fundmental subject of self recognition and agai

Philosophy Of Qayam –e- Hussain (a.s)

MATAB Publications is pleased to present another work of Ustad Sayed Jawad

Roots of Terrorism In Pakistan

Pakistan is engulfed in severe Terrorism for almost three decades now. Duri

Responsibilities of Religious Scholars

This booklet is translation of a lecture by Hujjatul Islam Ustad Syed Jawad


Taqwa which is the divine way of living and extensively presented by Quran

Iqbal’s Pakistan

Iqbal’s Pakistan is a comprehensive summary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal&

An Exposition of Ziarat-e-Ashura

In the name of Allah s.w.t Religion has come for the guidance of mankind

Mashrabe Naab A pure spring of immaculate ide

This book is another literary work by the respected scholar Ustad Syed Ja

The Basics of Wilayat-e-Faqeeh

With all praises and thanks to Allah(s), Bethat Islamic Research Center (B.

Values of Ashura

In the name of Allah (s.w.t) The event of Ashura is such an epic for w

The Candle of the Path of Allah

In the name of Allah (s.w.t) This book is in memory of those candles o

Recognition of Quran

The Holy Quran is a manifesto of life presented to mankind through the Holy

Karbala – The Completion of Proof

Hujjat (or Hujjah)– sources sent by Allah (SWT) to guide man to the r

The System Of Wilayat

With all praises and thanks to Allah(s), Bethat Islamic Research Center (B.

Orphan (Yateem)

There are many subjects in the domain of religion which have been misinterp

Philosophy Of Religion

Religion which is a necessity for human beings survival has been a victim o